Severe weather comes with things like hail. Hail may seem like it is not all that big a problem, but depending on its size, it can be. Even relatively small hail can fall as fast as 20 mph, and it only gets faster the larger the hailstones get. A slow speed like 20 mph may not seem like much but is enough to cause damage to your car. Hail damage can be expensive to repair, so you need to protect your car.


The best way to keep hail from damaging your car is to put it under some kind of structure. If you do not have a garage, you can purchase a carport. You can install the carport on your property wherever you want it, and it can help protect your car from sustaining any damage. Carports are generally pretty easy to install and can be put up in a couple of days.

Hail Cover

If you do not have a garage or carport and no space to put one, you might want to try using a car cover designed to protect your car from hail. These covers are generally thicker than regular car covers but can still be stored in your car. That lets you put the cover on even if you work. Please note that these covers are hail-resistant, not hail-proof. They do their best to prevent damage but may not be successful.


Cardboard is one of those don’t-knock-it-till-you-try-it solutions. Cardboard is thick enough that it can cushion the impact of the hail and help disperse the energy from the impact. Cardboard is also light enough that you can layer if you want. You can lay the cardboard on top of your car and tape more cardboard to that cardboard to protect the sides. At the very least, you can protect your windshields with cardboard.

Floor Mats

This is another one of those don’t-knock-it solutions. If you have nothing else, you can at least protect your windshields with the floor mats from your car. You need to put them on your windshields with the grip side down. Because floor mats are light, a really strong wind could knock them around, but the grip of that bottom will help to keep the floor mats in place when the wind blows.


If you are at home, another way for you to protect your car from the hail is to cover it up with some blankets and towels. Layering up your blankets and towels is the best thing to do if you go this route. That is because the thicker the padding is, the more likely your car will be protected. If you have some bricks, you can place them on the hood and roof of your car to help keep the layers in place.

Building Shadow

If all else fails, you can try to park your car in the lee of the building. Putting it in that wind shadow can help to keep the wind from blowing the hail onto your car. It may not be a perfect solution but is something that you can at least try.

If the worst has happened and your car has damage from hail, never fear. We are here to help you. Bring your car to us at Downtown Garage & Auto Body. We will repair any damage that the hail has caused, from dents and dings to broken windshields. That will get your car back to looking as good as new and get you back out on the road. We look forward to serving your car repair needs in Fredericksburg.