The transportation industry employs many independent truck drivers. Independent drivers are not affiliated with a trucking company. Instead, these individuals own their semi-trucks and haul loads on consignment.

The type of semi that you have access to can influence the types of loads that you are able to transport as an independent driver. It often becomes necessary to sell an existing big rig in order to free up financial capital for the purchase of a new, more versatile truck.

You will probably invest some time and effort into ensuring the mechanical systems of the semi-truck are working properly before listing the big rig for sale, and you should invest that same time and effort into refurbishing the appearance of the truck as well. A semi that looks like it just drove off the lot will fetch a much higher price than a rig that looks worn and weathered.

Downtown Garage & Auto Body offers some unique services that can help you get your semi-truck ready for resale.

Metal Polishing

Semi-trucks are equipped with many metal components that can begin to tarnish over time. The rims of the truck, the front bumper, and any chrome on the mirrors will need to be polished if you want your big rig to look its best.

Many techniques can be used to restore the luster of your truck’s metal components. Polishing agents (like sprays and pastes) can be applied directly to the metal surfaces to eliminate minor blemishes. If your truck’s metal parts have more significant debris buildup, then you might want to consider investing in an acid bath.

This process uses specialized acids to rid your truck of any oxidation or discoloration. The strength of the acid, the processing time, and the temperature can all affect the outcome. Only an experienced technician should be trusted to polish your truck due to the precision required when using an acid bath.

Fiberglass Repair

Some parts of a semi-truck are constructed using fiberglass. Fiberglass can become brittle or discolored over time. Any cracks or chips that are visible in the surface of your truck’s fiberglass elements should be repaired if you want to ask top-dollar for your rig.

Experienced repair specialists can use a method known as scarf sanding to help ensure the durability of any repairs. During the scarf sanding process, the fiberglass surrounding a damaged area is strategically sanded away.

Scarf sanding allows the repair technician to increase the surface area of the repair, which maximizes the strength of the bond between the repair material and the original fiberglass. Restoring fiberglass fenders or other features on your truck can make the rig look new once again.

Pin Striping

Adding decorative elements to your semi-truck can make the rig look more attractive to potential buyers. Pin striping gives a truck character and accentuates the lines of the truck body. The addition of pin striping to your rig will also set the truck apart from other used semis available on the market.

Drivers take a tremendous amount of pride in the appearance of the trucks they operate each day, and pin striping could be the deciding factor between your semi and another rig for a potential buyer.

The decision to sell your existing semi-truck can be a difficult one. You want to make sure that you earn as much money as possible from the sale in order to make getting rid of the old rig worthwhile.

Downtown Garage & Auto Body can refurbish the exterior of your truck to increase its value. Give us a call for polishing, fiberglass repair, and pin striping services before listing your semi for sale.