If you’re the type of driver that likes to go the extra mile to keep your vehicle looking like new, auto body wax should be your best friend. If you haven’t considered wax for your car, here is an overview of five ways waxing benefits your vehicle.

1. Prevent Scratches

The primary benefit of waxing your vehicle is that it protects the clear coat from scratches. A coat of wax creates a protective layer on the surface of your car’s paint so that scrapes and impacts need more force to reach the paint. Wax can even improve the appearance of your paint by filling in small scratches that are already present.

2. Easier Washing

Auto body wax provides two benefits when it comes to washing your vehicle: it makes it more difficult for dirt and grime to cling to your vehicle in the first place, and it protects your vehicle’s paint during the wash. Dirt, sand, and other small particles can scratch your paint when you scrub them off, but wax will prevent these micro-abrasions.

3. Avoid Water Spots

You may have noticed small white spots on your vehicle after rain. Any unfiltered water that gets on your vehicle will contain minerals that stay behind and form water spots as the water evaporates.

Water spots are not harmless, as they can etch small craters into the clear coat over time. These craters will worsen over time as they trap more water and the process continues. Auto body wax is a great way to prevent water spots because it is hydrophobic. Any water that lands on your vehicle will bead up and roll off easily instead of clinging to the paint.

4. Protect Against the Elements

Water spots are one of the more mild threats that water poses to your vehicle. If water is able to penetrate to the metal of the frame, you could have a rust problem on your hands that quickly gets out of control. The hydrophobic properties of wax make it a great line of defense against rust that could otherwise require expensive repairs.

Just as sunlight can have an aging effect on our skin, it can age your vehicle by causing the paint to fade. Even though auto body wax is clear, it is excellent at reflecting the UV rays in sunlight. This helps a car that is waxed to keep its like-new color for much longer.

5. Save Money Compared to Repainting

Many auto detailing shops offer a wax as an add-on service, and it’s a service that you should take advantage of. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 and $95 for a wax during detailing, although this may vary depending on where you live and the size of your vehicle. In any case, detailing and waxing your car three or four times a year can help you save a lot of money compared to repainting.

If exposure, mechanical damage, or rust has damaged your paint job to the point that you need your vehicle repainted, you will almost always want to take it to a professional. While painting your car yourself is possible, many drivers don’t want to take the risk that the outcome won’t look up to par. When you choose a professional shop, the entire repainting process can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500.
Most drivers aren’t aware of all the benefits that auto body wax can offer, but regular waxing is a simple maintenance task that every vehicle deserves. Keep these benefits in mind and visit us at Downtown Garage & Auto Body for the highest quality auto detailing services.