Around forty percent of all Fredericksburg residents commute to work every day. If you’re in this group, you probably spend countless hours a week behind the wheel headed to Washington or some other nearby area.

A daily commute isn’t just taxing on the nerves, but it can also be a concern for your car. Learn how to commute like a pro so that you can keep your vehicle looking better, longer.

Leave Early

If you commute to the capital for work, you know that the idea of finding a parking spot can feel like a separate job on its own. Always try to leave early. You can find a place to park faster and find a safer spot to park when you leave early enough to beat the masses.

For example, if you’re running late, you might be forced to sandwich your car into a small space between two other vehicles, where you’re all but guaranteed to have one of the cars tap your car on the way out. Arrive early so that you can park in a spot safest for your vehicle.

Clean the Car

When you tally the number of hours you commute every day and the number of hours you work, at the end of the week you probably feel exhausted, and rightfully so. However, you still need to muster up some strength to visit the carwash. As you make your way up and down I-95, you’re encountering bug after bug that ends up splattered on the front of your car.

Splattered bugs are an eyesore, but a source of paint damage, too. A bugs’ insides are highly acidic, and the longer they remain splattered on your vehicle’s paint, the more they break down the paint’s protective layers, which can result in etching. If you make it a point to wash your car every week, you should be able to minimize or avoid any damage to your paint.

Drive Like You’re in Traffic

Rear-end accidents make up 40% of all accidents, and you know what one of the leading causes of these collisions is — speeding. You can avoid an accident and protect your vehicle when you look at the speed limit as more of a suggestion than a requirement.

While you should not travel above the speed limit, you do not have to move as fast as the number on the sign, especially in heavy traffic. When driving in traffic, you should travel significantly lower than the speed limit to ensure there is ample room for breaking between your car and the vehicle in front.

If your body forcibly jerks every time you come to a halt, you’re likely driving too fast in the first place.

Check Your Surroundings

Even if you only drive your vehicle a part of the way on your commute, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of where you park at train, bus and carpooling stations, as well. Take the bus station, for instance, the parking spaces nearest the area where the buses stop seem the most convenient, but this is also where most of the people will gather and wait for the bus.

While rushing to get to the bus, people can accidentally brush their briefcases and bags up against the side of your car and cause a scratch. A small scratch seems harmless, but rust can develop and spread from a scratch of any size. If the paint’s protective layer is damaged, the car is at risk for rust.

Although your daily commute might feel like a battle, you should apply these tips to keep your car battle-scar free. However, in the event of damage, don’t hesitate to get your vehicle repaired. At Downtown Garage & Auto Body, we are here to serve your auto body needs.