Some drivers think the only reason to take their car into an auto body shop is if they’ve been in a major collision on the road. And, damage from such an accident is a big source of work for auto body repair shops. However, your car may need some minor repairs where an auto body specialist can come in handy. Keep reading for some minor repairs conducted at auto body shops.

Paint-less Dent Removal

Possibly one of the most common repairs that auto body shops conduct is paint-less dent removal. You might be surprised at how easily your car can dent — parking lots alone are the scourge of your car’s body. Even a minor collision on the road can cause a major dent.

In times past, auto body specialists approached even minor dents the same way they did major damage — essentially by removing the old piece and installing a new one. However, that process was too complicated for such small flaws. So, they developed paint-less dent removal.

As the name suggests, this repair method is for dents where the paint hasn’t been affected. With this removal process, the technicians work from behind the dent to push it out. The results usually restore the car’s surface completely. The procedure is much faster than the old-school method, and it doesn’t require the technicians to match the paint color.

Paint Touch-Up

The opposite of the above situation might also be true. Instead of a dent in which the paint is unaffected, you might have a scratch in your paint. You won’t likely experience any negative effects if you drive around with scratched paint. However, it is unsightly, and it affects the resale value of your car.

Your local auto body repair shop can easily touch up your paint. The process isn’t nearly as involved as a whole-car paint job. Instead, they usually use kits to conduct the minor repair.

The technicians first remove residual paint in the area. They’ll also treat the chips for rust if it’s present. If the surface has any divots because of the scratching incident, they’ll fill those in. They then sand the area so the edges of the chip are feathered, which will result in a more seamless repair. Next, they apply primer, which requires more sanding. They then touch up the paint.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

Driving is rough on your windshield. It often takes the brunt of debris flying at your car. You can easily incur chips or dents on a daily basis. Once the chip has compromised the integrity of your windshield, it can elongate into a longer crack. That fact is the reason you should repair a chip right away.

If the crack is large enough, you need to replace the whole windshield. It’s part of the frame of your car that protects you during a rollover accident. Even a minor collision can cause the windshield to pop out if it’s compromised. Luckily, auto body shops can repair or replace your windshield as needed.

Wheel Alignment

When you get in a major car accident, you probably realize you’ll need to test and perhaps straighten the auto’s frame. However, you might not realize all the ways just your wheel alignment can get out of whack. Below are some common causes of wheel misalignment:

  • Car accidents
  • Curbs
  • Speed bumps or potholes
  • General road use

Many auto body repair shops can also realign your wheels. With this process, the mechanics actually work on the suspension. They have to square the four wheels and axles so they all move in the same direction — straight forward. The methods they use depend on your car’s suspension system.

Don’t drive around with a car that’s in poor repair. Instead, visit your local auto body shop to make your car look good as new again. Contact Downtown Garage & Auto Body for all your car repair needs.