Downtown Garage and Auto Body

Downtown Garage & Auto Body is the largest and most recognized body shop in the Fredericksburg region. To give credence to our motto, "Quality Will Prevail," we have been in business since 1937.

Truck Body Paint & Repair:

demoWe also are regarded as the best body shop in the area for large truck repairs, motorhomes, boats, personal watercraft, and trailers. We service all makes and models of domestic and foreign automobiles.


RV, Boats & Trailers:

demoWe also are regarded as the best body shop in the area for motor homes, boats, personal water craft, trailers, automobiles, sport utility vehicles and large truck repairs.



Car Body Paint & Repair:

demoWe do work for all major insurance companies.

We are also a direct repair shop for many different insurance companies.




Full Service -- YES!

demoWe are now a full service auto repair service center that is set up to handle auto body needs as well as your mechanical needs including state inspections and repairs.

Updated: December 16, 2011

The Key to our Long Success!!!

The key to our long success is our loyal and well-trained employees. We are staffed with 21 employees that understand the meaning of customer care.

We provide...

Ten clerical employees to aid you in processing your insurance claims, estimates, parts ordering and customer pickup. Two of these are managers.

One manager and three service writers that complete your estimates in a timely manner.

Nine body shop technicians with many years of training and experience that allow them to repair your vehicle right the first time, with the least amount of downtime.

Six painters and painter assistants that will paint your car to match its previous color. Our goal is to make your truck look as good as new.

One detailer/reconditioner to clean and check each job before it is approved for delivery to the customer.

One parts handler and Three drivers to make several parts pickups a day. This allows us to get the parts in your truck immediately upon their availability.


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...Quality Will Prevail
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